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Location: Osterbronnstr. 54 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 (0)160/9384 8607

  • Coaching in German + English

  • Conversational Russian + French

  • Certified Coach (DBVC) 

         Dietz Training

  • Master of Science (MSc)

         Diplom-Kauffrau/European Master of                   Business Administration 

         University of Mannheim

  • Emotional Intelligence Profile Accreditation PSI, London

Professional Affiliations:
  • Manager of Organizational &

         Leadership Culture

         Daimler Mobility AG

  • Founder


  • Lecturer

         Hochschule Aalen

  • Currently completing training in Christian-Integrative Counseling & Therapy (CiBT) at the de'ignis’ignis-Institut

  • Currently completing IFS (Internal Family Systems) - Level 1 Training

Elina Zobel, MSc, DBVC

Professional Coach

Now Accepting New Clients

for In-Person + Online Sessions

Elina Zobel has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of people, organizations, and corporate culture. She is an expert in leadership coaching, counseling, and leadership development programs.

As a leader, she is passionate about engaging with clients in a conscious, compassionate, and collaborative way that maximizes their personal and professional potential.

Elina uses her skills and an integral-holistic approach of Mind, Body, and Soul based on emotional intelligence to explore and help clients to discover insights that lead to solutions and personal growth in their personal and professional life.

As truly an intercultural person, born in Russia and raised in Germany, and having lived and worked in various countries on a global level; Elina is experienced and well versed in working with people from many different nationalities and diverse cultural backgrounds.   

Ready to Transform Your Life, Career, or Business and learn4next!

What moves you - moves you

What makes you move - moves others

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Areas of Focus

Life Coaching

For each person, issues in his/her daily life provide ample territory to bring to a session. Elina works with clients who may be having a hard time managing transition in personal and professional life, examining conflicts, and dealing with challenging (working) relationships. She supports people to develop more self-awareness through the use of effective tools and methods, to understand and change personal behavior to become e.g. more self-confident or balanced.


Leadership Coaching

Elina specializes in helping leaders to develop a high degree of self-awareness, social awareness, and perception awareness; and to use and regulate emotions in more effective and productive ways. She helps them improve on how to manage difficult situations, stress, and emotions and to resolve conflict with others in a way that enhances relationships. Elina is most deeply committed to helping leaders identify and connect with the purpose of their life and work and to align their passions, strengths, and values so that they can maximize not only their impact but also their sense of meaning.