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 A peaceful place of healing, growth, and transformation for internationals in Stuttgart Germany + around the globe

Our mission is to provide excellent care in a compassionate environment

grounded in faith.

Each professional has a unique set of skills allowing us to support our clients in a comprehensive and collaborative partnership. 

We are holistically minded, caring for the whole person- mind, body, and spirit.  At the same time, we are trained in a number of different areas and work from a variety of evidence-based modalities and psychological therapeutic approaches. 

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 We are passionate about serving internationals from all nations around the globe and strive to provide culturally sensitive, compassionate care. 

We deeply value and respect each and every person, honoring their unique history, cultural values, and faith traditions. We welcome clients from all cultural + religious backgrounds and traditions, as well as those not rooted in any one particular belief. 


An international team of highly qualified

mental health professionals. 

The East to West Counseling Team is an international community of interdisciplinary professionals. While we come from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and unique life experiences, we are united in mind + spirit by common core values and a shared commitment to the Christian faith. 


Team members come from an array of nationalities, denominations, affiliations, as well as, theoretical orientations; for specific details about our individual beliefs and practices, please inquire directly with each practitioner. 


Below are our core values guiding us as we engage with each other, our clients, and the world.  

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Core Values

a life-giving nurturing community


  • Compassion. We cultivate and foster a peaceful, compassionate, healing environment.  We endeavor to create a therapeutic calm sacred space, one that enables and facilitates deep healing. 

  • Respect. We value and respect each and every person, honoring their unique individual story and distinct gifting.   We recognize that we are all at different places on this life journey and strive to welcome one another in a non-judgmental spirit of grace and peace.


  • Excellence. We strive to apply utmost professionalism in all our interactions. 


  • Growth + Transformation.  We relish in the opportunity to inspire each other to grow, learn, and be transformed through our interactions. We recognize the continual transformational work of God in our lives and in the lives of others.  We encourage professional development, as well as spiritual and personal growth.


  • Prayer.  As a foundation for our work, we pray with and for one another.  We foster the cultivation of spiritual practices in our daily lives.